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The Australasian Jazz and Improvisation Research Network (AJIRN) is made up of Australian, New Zealand and Asian scholars, performers and post-graduate students conducting research in the fields of jazz studies and  improvisation.

The network is dedicated to facilitating the interdisciplinary study of jazz and improvisation in Australia and New Zealand through the presentation of an annual conference, the management of an email list dedicated to the promotion of Australian and New Zealand jazz and improvisation research and the administration of a mentoring program for those interested in producing traditional research outputs.

Expertise within the network ranges from historical/cultural studies of jazz to empirical work on improvisation to artistic research conducted through jazz compositional and improvisational practices.

Membership in the network is free. Those interested in joining should send an email to Associate Professor Robert Burke ( or use the Contact Form located here.

AJIRN Executive Committee

President: Robert Burke, Associate Professor – Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music Monash University (Victoria)

Vanessa Tomlison, Professor - Griffith University (Queensland)

Christopher Coady, Senior Lecturer in Musicology - Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney

Roger Dean,  Professor – austraLYSIS, MARCS Institute, Western Sydney University (NSW)

Aleisha Ward Dr. - Researcher New Zealand

Bruce Johnson, Professor (Many Universities!)

Louise Densen Dr. Adjunct  - Griffith University (Queensland)

Miranda Park, PhD candidate - Monash University (Victoria)

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