The goal of the AJIRN mentoring program is to increase the number of peer-reviewed publications on jazz topics produced by Australian scholars. All current members of the Australian Jazz Research Group, regardless of career stage, are encouraged to access this service. Interested parties may submit one piece of academic writing per year (up to 10,000 words) for review by a member of the mentoring panel. The following is a list of the sort of advice that may be sought:

  • General feedback about argument, structure and clarity prior to the submission of a journal article, book chapter or book proposal for review.
  • Help with interpreting peer-review reports for previously submitted articles and advice on implementing suggested changes.
  • Advice on how a chapter from a Masters or Doctoral thesis might be reframed/redeveloped for publication.

Those interested in accessing this service should address their submissions to Dr Christopher Coady ( with the subject line “Australian Jazz Research Group Mentoring”. The “text” for which you are seeking feedback should be attached as a Word document. Please include in the body of your email a description of the type of feedback you are seeking. You will then be matched with an available mentor. Your mentor will endeavour to set up a Skype meeting or phone conversation with you to discuss your submission within 3 weeks of receiving your text. Depending on availability, mentors and mentees may be able to further discuss the submitted work over email, Skype or phone (please note, your mentor will indicate whether they are able to engage in further discussion at the time of your meeting). Please feel free to address any general queries in advance of your submission to Dr Christopher Coady at the email address above.